Pediatric Extractions

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Pediatric Extractions At Miami Children’s Dentistry

Extraction of a baby tooth is known as a pediatric tooth extraction. When a child’s tooth becomes severely damaged due to decay or trauma, it may need to be removed. While this procedure is left as a last resort, it’s still a common occurrence in children. Molars in children are more likely to be extracted due to their greater tendency towards cavities. Extracting the front teeth is easier both due to accessibility and the fact they only have one root. Miami Children’s Dentistry is proud to provide this procedure for our patient family.

Understanding Pediatric Dental Extractions

Extraction is generally the last step in a treatment plan. Maintaining natural and healthy dental tissue is the best way to ensure a beautiful adult smile. Our baby teeth play an essential role in ensuring our adult teeth come in straight and in position. However, teeth that have become seriously damaged or decayed may need to be extracted. The most frequent reason for dental extractions in children include:

  • Tooth Decay – Baby teeth can often be susceptible to tooth decay from multiple sources. One common cause of tooth decay is being left with the bottle at bedtime, but this is far from the only cause. Decay can also move from one tooth to another if left untreated.
  • Oral Injury – Children can be prone to oral injury from falls or accidents. Failed dental restorations can result in oral injury as well. When teeth become detached from the socket, cracked, or chipped, pain and sensitivity may be heightened.
  • Gum Disease – When the gums become diseased, it can result in oral health concerns for the teeth. Decay can begin to occur beneath the gum line, the jawbone can be at risk of decay, and teeth can loosen and fall out or require extraction.
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth – As children age, their wisdom teeth may come in or may be revealed to be impacted. When this risk is identified, the only answer is to remove the wisdom teeth. This is done to prevent later consequences when the wisdom teeth try to come in when there’s no room.
  • Orthodontic Treatment – In some cases, orthodontic treatment may result in primary teeth securing themselves more firmly in the jaw. This can create difficulty or make it impossible for adult teeth to erupt correctly. In these instances, the only remaining option is extraction.

Our primary teeth are more than just stand-ins for our adult teeth. They help the jaw to grow and develop appropriately so that the adult teeth can adequately move into place. Without them, the developing teeth may become misaligned or impacted. It’s also possible that the jaw will not develop in a way that allows them to grow correctly.

Learn More About Dental Extractions For Your Children

Miami Children’s Dentistry is here to help your family grow to adulthood with strong and healthy teeth. When dental extraction becomes necessary for baby teeth, you can reach out to us to learn more about what’s involved. Please pick up the phone today to schedule an appointment at our offices in Miami, FL, with Dr. Gabriela Asensi.