Sedation-Free Dentistry

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Pediatric Dentistry That is Pain and Sedation Free

Anxiety about seeing the dentist isn’t something we’re born experiencing. However, it can be developed if we have a negative experience. It’s typical for this to occur due to the discomfort and noise of having treatments done. Even treatments as simple as a dental cleaning can create an unpleasant association using traditional methods. Pediatric sedation dentistry has long been an option to help avoid this, but better options are becoming available. What’s better than preventing patient discomfort during procedures? That would be eliminating the discomfort in the first place. Miami’s Children’s Smiles provides sedation-free dentistry for many procedures.

Sedation, The Good And Bad

Sedation is a reliable way of eliminating discomfort from dental procedures, but it can be intimidating for parents. The idea that their child will be sedated can be frightening, despite a long history of reliability. Thankfully advances in laser dentistry have provided methods of treating patients that are nearly silent and discomfort-free. Even better, the recovery times from procedures performed with laser dentistry are significantly shorter. Incidents of complications from the procedure are also lower.

Laser Dentistry can be used to perform the following treatments:

  • Dental cleaning
  • Addressing periodontal disease
  • Restoration dentistry
  • Cavity removal
  • Gum surgery

Dental clients of all ages can benefit from receiving laser dentistry. There are no lingering after-effects of sedation, and anxiety caused by the sound of the drill is eliminated. The lack of post-operation numbness means they won’t have to wait to eat after the procedure. The risks of lip and cheek bites are also significantly reduced, making one fewer complications to worry over. Another significant aspect of this tool is increased precision. Traditional dental methods generally involve removing more tissue around the target site. More healthy tissue can be left unmarred by the procedure by explicitly targeting the problem areas.  

Solea laser dentistry has proven to be a boon for many patients. It also provides options for treating those who are sensitive to sedation treatments. Many sufferers of dental anxiety have discovered that the reduction in discomfort associated with the treatments has helped them relax during procedures. It also creates a more favorable environment for other patients during treatment. The shrill, high-pitched sound of the drill affected more than just the patient receiving treatment.

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Using our Solea laser system, Sedation-free dentistry means a better experience for you and your family. Our dental team is eager to begin working with your family and providing more insight into these treatment options. Maintaining good oral health is essential, and it starts when we’re young. Miami Children’s Smiles works hard to get our patients off on the right footing so they can experience healthy, beautiful smiles for a lifetime.

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