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Quick, Easy, Minimally Invasive Dental Care In Miami, FL

Our patients are fortunate to be living in an era when dental technology is booming, and medical advancements come quickly. Trying to stay up with the latest developments can be challenging for trained dentists, let alone our patients. One example of budding dental technology is minimally invasive dentistry. This approach involves removing less healthy dental material by avoiding drilling. The results are minimal discomfort, minimal recovery times, and maximum positive experiences for our patients.

Principles of Minimally Invasive Care in Pediatric Dentistry

The central focus of minimally invasive dentistry is preserving healthy dental tissue and its structure. This process begins with identifying cavities as soon as possible through diagnosis, interception, and treatment using less invasive treatments.

  • Prevention – Maintaining a healthy smile and avoiding oral health complications requires preventative dentistry. This practice monitors the risk of tooth decay and cavities and includes prevention and early detection of disease.
  • Remineralization Strategies – Replacing teeth that have become damaged, using fillings to address tooth decay. Treatments like veneers and crowns have been the standard approach in days past. Now, the focus is on remineralization, a method of repairing damaged dental tissues.
  • Less Invasive – The term “less-invasive” means that the treatments don’t require damaging existing tissue. Traditional treatments such as surgery 

Minimally invasive dentistry overturns the dentist’s image as the wielder of the drill. The drill remains an effective tool, but its use in dentistry shows a continuing reduction. It all starts with preventative care, including biannual dental exams, flossing, and brushing twice a day. From there, it’s all about the treatments selected and the use of modern technologies. Two treatments available from our clinic include:

  • Silver Diamine Fluoride: We understand that some children who are too young to cooperate or with high anxiety may have to consider alternate options. This treatment is an “antibiotic liquid” used to stop the decay from getting more significant. It does not eliminate the need for future treatment but is helpful while waiting until your child is ready for treatment. Regular dental visits during this time are essential. 
  • Hall Crowns: We offer this alternate option to treat cavities. This procedure does not need any numbing or drilling but provides an effective method to contain decay. Speak to the dentist to see if your child meets this kind of treatment criteria.

These two treatments are the most popular of those we offer for our younger patients. You can learn more about the treatments we offer by reaching out to our clinic.

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